What husbands can‘t resist

Author Bob Grant - a relationship coach for last 17 years, tells the wives how to become the Woman Your Husband Will Want to Marry All Over Again.

Understand how and why husbands think the way they do.

Kate, California, USA Disclaimer

I got married to my husband about 3 years ago. Earlier he took care of me, loved me & overall very interested in me. But about 5 months ago I noticed He wasn’t participating with me in family events, he started socializing more with his old friends and later when I tried to discuss things with him, he told me he just did not find anything wrong with the way things were going.

I could see he was denying he had changed. I knew our marriage was passing through a bad phase. My friend gave me this book - “What husband’s can’t resist” and after reading the book I realized It wasn’t just my husband, there were many things I was doing wrong in first place.

I immediately started changing myself in many ways and within a month, I noticed he had same passionate love for me as it was when we really enjoyed with each other.

This book has saved my marriage.


Eudora, Melbourne, Australia Disclaimer

Me and my husband dated for about 5 years and then got married 8 years ago. We understood each other better than others and our relationship was always full of excitement - atleast I thought of my marriage like that untill an year ago, my husband started working late and on weekends too.

At first I thought it was extra work but then I realized he’d come home on time even when half the staff was laid off about 3 years ago.

I realized he was avoiding me and he had no interest left in our marriage. I couldn’t understand why he was behaving like this and when I asked him, he acted as if everything was normal !

I had to do something to save my marriage. I turned to this book gifted to me by my sister - ’What husband’s can’t resist’ and as soon as I started reading it - I knew my doubts of a relationship problem was true and once I finished reading the book, I realized it was only me who could change to get him interested in me again.

Within a month our relationship was back to it’s best.

This book clearly tells how husbands think and what they expect. I take care of the small things that make a huge difference in how he behaves. I really know how to be irresistable.


Prunella, Berlin, Germany Disclaimer

This book saved my marriage. I married Joe 12 years ago and he completely enjoyed spending time with me.

Three years ago Joe started his new business and our relationship started getting affected due to his working late nights. I felt ignored, we had arguments - sometimes heated arguments which would make him leave the home on weekends and come back after a few days.

I was frustated at why he suddenly changed. I wanted my Old loving husband back. “ What husbands can’t resist” revealed I was doing many wrong things and wasn’t doing some very important things which kept him coming back to me in early days of our marriage.

I immediately started implementing what I learned from the book. Within 2 weeks Joe started coming home on time and a week later he was spending time with me like he used to earlier.

Bob Grant’s book made me understand my husband better and take care of all the issues where I was the one making mistakes. This book is a must for all the wives if they want to take care of their marriage before problems arise.


Britney, San Francisco, USA Disclaimer

My sister got married just 2 years ago and about an year ago, she started complaining about how she felt her husband wasn’t into her anymore.

I gave her Bob Grant’s Book "What husbands can’t resist" to see if there is something wrong she might be doing. She was shocked and scared after she read the book. she told she never really tried to understand what her husband wants. I calmed her down and then we worked on the plan so she can change her self in all kinds of ways to re-attract her husband. Everything seems to have fallen back in place since then.

She continues to refer to the book and is termed ’The best wife’ by her husband.

In my own case, I read the book long before I got married so I always made sure I follow all the do’s and dont’s.

This book can help any woman understand their husband/boyfriend better. You’d be surprised to see how 90% of the relationship problems can be avoided if woman do the right things !


Sirena, Auckland, Newzealand Disclaimer

This book helped my parents who’re both 62 years old now.

About two years ago, my dad told me he wanted to divorce my mom. I did not imagine of such thing in my worst nightmares.

I asked my dad to hold and wait untill next few months. I immediately gifted this book to Mom and stared following up with her if she read it. She took a week to read the book but after reading it, she told me she was scared dad might just leave her ! She realized she has been wrong for all these years !

I discussed with dad about how he should wait and watch for next one year. He came back to me a month later ask ’What the hell did you do to your mother ?’ When I asked he told me "She’s doing all the right things, I don’t feel like leaving her now".

This book explores how wives behaviour negatively affect husbands in the long run. Just read the book once and I can tell you, You’ll immediatly see your relationship more clearly and most importantly, understand your husband’s requirements better.