Improve gas mileage

How to improve gas mileage
Ok, I know its obvious but there are some who need to know why. Jump to fuel saving tips if you do understand why you should.

Good reasons why you should look at improving gas mileage:

1. Save money: Well most of us are in for this reason. With most of us always trying to save some cash to buy better things in life, the recent price hike is anything but comfortable. The price fluctuations reflect the increased inflation/demand of a non-renewable fuel all over the world. So, resorting to burning fuel more efficiently should help it. The savings can, for example, be used to buy some extra movies, join gym etc.

2. Help the environment! Yea, we know you're thinking it's not such a big deal. But you know the facts that pollution has affected the environmental balance and it's already showing its effects. Burning fuel generates ever increasing levels of green house gases which is adversely affecting the delicate environment we live in. More and more people suffer from asthma than ever before, not to forget the increased incidences of skin cancer (because of depletion in the ozone layer, more UV rays reach the surface and thus, there are more occurences of skin cancer). So, burning fuel more efficiently is the very little that you can contribute towards cleaning the air. The monies spent by governments is the money of the tax payer. In the end, it's you who ends up paying for damaging the environment in form of taxes and tariffs.

3. Be more independent: Gasoline is being used everywhere to run cars, generators and other machines !! use it effectively and you'll be depending less on it. There are alternatives to fuel which can be looked into.

As long as we don't get the perfect alternative, it is best to use these simple techniques to improve fuel efficiency.

Tips for improving fuel mileage

Well, hybrid cars may look good but look at the rates they're selling them for. In fact, a few well know techniques can be implemented to ensure the car is burning fuel efficiently.

1. Tire pressure: Always keep the tire pressure as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. As per the statistics, about half of the cars on road are under-inflated. Proper tire pressure can save as much as 5%.

2. Maintenance: Yep, you need to get the oil and air filters changed on time. Read your car's manual and get the recommended maintenance done on schedule. Changing the oil filter improves the fuel economy by 5%, a clogged air filter can reduce the fuel economy by 10%.

3. Aero drag: The air resistance at high speeds requires more energy. That is why, roll up the windows when you're driving on highway and also, get rid of any unwanted heavy items sitting in your car's trunk.

4. Drive efficiently: Aggressive driving (speeding, rapid acceleration and braking) wastes gas. It can lower your gas mileage by 33 percent at highway speeds and by 5 percent around town. Besides saving fuel, sensible driving is safe for you and others.

5. Speed limits: Most vehicles reach optimal fuel economy at speeds of 60 mph or 100km/hr. Fuel economy drops at speeds higher than mentioned and it is also unsafe.

6. Avoid excessive idling: A car with running engine but not moving is giving you 0 mpg. So, turn the engine off if you know you'll be stopping for a while.

7. Cruise control: This maintains a constant speed and thus, most of the times saves gas.

8. Plan your trips: This should be easy. Pre-decide your route and reach the destination without stopping too many times and well, getting lost. A warm engine uses less fuel compared with cold engine.

9. Spark plugs: A misfiring spark plug can reduce the fuel efficiency by as much as 30%. Keep it tuned and you'll save money.