Stock market tutorial

Stock Market tutorial: Introduction
To be a business owner without having to show up at work, watch your business grow, and collecting the dividend checks as the money rolls in may sound like a dream to many, but there are many who live this dream everyday.

You guessed it right, we’re talking about stocks. This fantastic set of financial instruments is definitely one of the greatest tools for get rich. Stocks are a part of almost all investment portfolios. When you looking to acquire financial freedom, you need to have a basic knowledge of stocks and how they’re traded in the stock market.

The interest of an average individual in stock market investing has continued to increase, especially over the last few decades. It used to be a game field for only the rich guys;However, in last one decade it has become a feasible means for many to earn wealth quickly. Advances in the trading technology fuelled by the growing demand has made easier than ever for a average Joe to own stocks.

You must be thinking everybody who owns stocks has good knowledge about them. The truth is just opposite. People learn about stock market while talking about it in coffee shops and in lunch breaks, with people who have little knowledge about trading. You probably know a few people talking about XYX made a killing in stock market investing and he suggests this one is going to go up .. and blah blah. All this is talked about with a ’Get rich quick’ mindset. Such people thought it would be a sure shot way to get wealthy by investing in dotcom market in late 90’s. But the dotcom crashed ! and the very people who once talked like pros had lost huge sums of money. Now this doesn’t mean that people don’t make money in stock markets, many do. But it requires education to back wise decision making. The key is to minimize risk and focus on understanding where one can get maximum returns.

We understand that education empowers the individuals to make wise investment decisions themselves while minimizing the risk. That's why, we have created a tutorial so our readers understand the stocks, the market, the reasons for price changes, deciding when to buy and sell and overall how to trade for profits.

Table of contents: Stock Market tutorial

1. Stocks: An introduction.
2. What are stocks ?
3. Types of stocks.
4. How stocks trade
5. How stock prices change ?
6. How to purchase stocks ?
7. How to read a stock table/quote.
8. Animals in stock market
9. Stock Market Tutorial: Summary.