Dating basics

Dating basics - It isn't all that difficult you see.
Being single isn't so bad. However, for those who badly need the company and affection of the opposite sex, being single isn't fun. The blessed ones have friends and family to help them out of the single-hood. There are many who feel plain unlucky to not be able to attract. We understand how you feel, we've all been there at some point in our lives. Before we start telling the tips and techniques of becoming attractive, here are some positive thoughts about being single:

1. No need to share: You can enjoy your room, your cupboards and your computer without having to worry about *keeping it clean* for the bitter half.

2. Feel the freedom: Well yes, in a good way. You are free to look around and warm up the eyes. Beauty is everywhere and being single, you can try it all.

3. Eat as much as you want: Well, yes. Ironically, there is no-one to bother you about what and how much to eat. Eat what you like.

4. Love your friends: Yep, spend all your night partying with friends. No-one's waiting.

5. Make your choices: Who cares about the second opinion !

The benefits of being single can only be understood once you see the drawbacks of not being one !! Now you understand why people love 'Being single again!'. For those who haven't taken the first bite of the apple pie or the one's who really miss the taste, and the one's looking for a variety in the dinner, here are some spicy tips:

1. Develop your personality: Look good. Outer looks come before the inner beauty. How you dress yourself shows you care about how you want to be seen. Fix the bad tooth, use a mothwash more often, never smell bad, dress clean and ironed cloths, be confident about what and who you are and be positive. Your attitude and confidence will clearly reflect on your face when you make this small yet most important change. Beside, it doesn't hurt to fit into the 'perfect someone' image of the opposite sex.

2. Build a character around your personality: Show your confidence. Your personality should radiate your positive outlook on life. love isn't everything in life, it's just an important part of it. Enjoy some activities like sports or a hobby. Be aware of what is happening around you in your community, your country and the globe. And share your thoughts about how good you feel about things. If you feel negative about something, we suggest keeping it to yourself at the start of the relationship.

3. Learn to portray the good traits, show off what you got: The rich show their wealth, the hot and popular show their beauty and the wise ones show their wisdom. We all have some good traits and a few qualities to feel good about. For others to respect you, it is of prime importance to tell what gives you confidence.

4. Express yourself: Do not remain in the 'lets be friends' mode. Once you start liking the possible mate, express yourself in clear words. Only once you show interest, you will be thought of as a potential mate. Otherwise, someone else may bite the pie before you do.

5. Enjoy the relationship, And do not spoil it: So you two enjoy each other’s company and feel so comfortable that you don’t want to hide anything and well, want to know all about your mate too. Hold on, all relationships have a charm associated with them. The longer it lasts, the better it is. Anything negative which cannot be improved and is not affecting your current relationship doesn’t need to be mentioned. If it can be fixed, it still doesn’t need to be mentioned. If you do something special for your mate, it is a seperate thing, they’ll appreciate it. However, avoid discussing topics which may lead to an argument or disappointments. If you did notice something bad here and there, a little adjustment may be all it requires for you to continue enjoying the relationship. What we mean is “Forget the bad issues, enjoy the good ones for a happy - loving relationship”.

6. Breakups: Your relationship turns sour and the usual understanding is a thing of past, if you are suffering and not cherishing the time you spend with your love - it’s time to talk. Express what you do not like and what hurts you, Every relatiionship deserves a last chance. Try seperating for a few days/weeks and then see how you feel about being alone, you may realize the importance of your relationship during this period. However, if nothing seems to work, honestly tell your partner that you wish to split. It will hurt, no doubts, but is a must for both of you to have a new beginning. Being upfront yet polite allows for a friendly breakup. When you breakup, be honest with yourself and move on. couples do split, you are not alone. When you are single again, you may want to give yourself a break to freshen up a little bit. And then, start all over again.