Online dating guide

Online dating guide - learn the basic rules of internet dating
There are many online dating services claiming to be the best and often, guaranteeing finding a date. However, it is a well known truth that more than anyone else, it depends on the individual how to handle and grab the very little genuine opportunities they get online. At first, finding the person you like is one challenge. And then, being and expressing that you are the special someone they're looking for is another difficult task. Finding your mate online is (atleast) as difficult as looking for a job online. It definitely isn't rocket science, It sure is a little bit of hard work

Here is what you need to do:

1. Sign up with the top services: Just signing up won't get you the date with opposite sex. However, to ensure you spread the message to all the good candidates, it is a good idea to set a budget for signing up with services. Sign up with leading dating sites. Free services do exist but they are full of no so serious candidates. If you are serious and want to be taken seriously, use paid services. Apart from the availability of serious candidates, paid services offer advanced options which dramatically increases your visibility and helps get better results from approaches.

2. Your profile: Many services provide an option for multiple profiles, we advise you to stick with just one profile which highlights your positive traits and clearly identifies your preferences. Avoid emphasizing the negative aspects of your personality and at the same time, mention the positive traits you are looking for in your preferences. Leave the negative traits of both sides to be discovered later. Try to complete all the aspects of your profile, give as much information as you can. Include pictures, audio and video messages wherever possible.

3. Keep things organized: As we advised in the last step, maintaining a single profile is a part of keeping the dating efforts organized. Try to select one email address, username and password for all the dating services you enrol with. This helps you communicate better with the interested parties. Keeping it organized saves time and allows you to focus on the main task that is interacting with your potential mate.

4. Approach: Using the available search features, select the candidates who match your personality preferences. Follow the basic tips when picking who to approach. Approaching does not require you to write romantic poetry all the time. A simple hello with a little appreciation or an interesting question is a good way to show interest. Avoid mind games and jokes at this point.

5. Talk: This is an important aspect of the online dating scenario. The candidates who do not talk, reply to emails and are not coming online are a waste of time. Move on quickly and see what the next candidate has to offer.

6. Meeting: You have had a good chemistry online, it's time to arrange for a date. For safety reasons, select public places like coffee shops, restaurants and malls for your first meeting. Consider every meeting as a new start and prepare accordingly. Dress well, feel positive, give lots of smiles and wish yourself some good luck (It does have a role, feel free to blame luck if something goes wrong).

7. More meetings: Try to get comfortable with your date, tell them about your life, everyday events and how you feel about things. Also pay attention to what the other one is saying and how they feel and think about different issues. Nobody is perfect, and therefore, do not expect perfection. You can, however, advise and work on a way around to address and fix any imperfection your would be love has. If it works, you’d get compliments and if it doesn't, you know you tried your best.

Basic tips (in addition to our guide on Dating basics):

I. Do not drool: Yes, this is important. Don't jump to any conclusions just by looking at the picture and in first few communications. Drooling is bad because it shows your lack of confidence, self-respect and self-belief. These are the common negative traits displayed by first timers especially men.

II. The desirable traits: Men and women both like confident personalities. Be confident, dress well and behave elegantly. Avoid romance in the beginning, try to spend time understanding likes, dislikes and priorities of each other. Be polite about what you don’t like and appreciate what the other person does.

III. For first timers: You may be in a haste to get laid, but understand that sex is only a part of a healthy relationship and is not the only factor in determining how happy you'd be in a relationship. It is possible to enjoy sex with an overly arrogant, abusive and rich man and with a beautiful yet greedy, dishonest and ill-mannered woman. Such relationships are short and mostly become a part of bad memories.

IV. Humour: Enjoy the situation and laugh together. Homour makes any relationship fun and enjoyable.

V. Love: Yep, there is no clear definition. However, when you are really enjoying time together and feel like caring for your partner, it is the best form of love.

VI. What’s next ? You have been having good times together for a while now. It's time to start getting together with friends and family. It is important to have a social circle since it's more fun celebrating together. Sharing happiness strengthens the bonding between couples. It feels good to be accepted as a couple and adds a new dimension to the relationship.

So what are you waiting for ? Get registered with these dating sites and start applying these easy to use basics.