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This book describes in detail the methods which can be used by businesses to increase product prices without losing any sales(as the name implies). The package also includes pricing models and the pricing psychology report.
Author Jill Koenig descrbes the very effective time management techniques she used to double her income working half the regular time in 30 days. Learn to set priorities, to eliminate bad habits, how to enlist the help of others for FREE, strategies to increase your energy and a 5 minute technique you could use every morning to increase your concentration 500%.
This is a book that’s been written by the top gurus in the business TODAY and one that contains the secrets of the methodology that’s used by the very top pro sellers. A book without filler, padding, generalities or rehashed theories. One that contains a blueprint for each call.

The information and techniques in this new book are bang up to date. It was written in association with Direct Selling Masterclass Sales Training UK, the UK’s top direct sales trainers. They know the direct selling market place and teach what works NOW, not five years ago.
--My proprietary system is so simple, it is embarrassing. You see I am not a genius at all, so I had to create very profitable yet easy real estate system to follow. But still I have already taught hundreds of others in my sold-out $5000 coaching club and $10,000 seminars to follow my path to wealth and fulfillment. Now I BOLDLY ASSERT I can quickly teach my simple secrets to YOU... instantly programming your life for success, working at home, with more free time, and never having to go back to your job!-- Joe Crump and Katie flying a kite from inside the van in February (It was very cold outside). Who is Joe Crump? He not only a top real estate investor and owner of several successful websites but he's also instrumental in over 30 million dollars worth of real estate deals.
Affilorama is an Ultimate package of tools and services required by anyone willing to try Affiliate Marketing. 1. Learn all the tricks 100+ video lessons full of insider tips for making money as an affiliate. How affiliate marketing works How to get started as an affiliate How to take your earnings to the next level. 2. Boost your earnings 9 essential tools especially designed to help you squeeze more money out of your site. Increase visitors Spot new opportunities Fix stupid mistakes before they hurt your profits. 3. Get tips from the pros Get advice from other affiliates who are already making money online. Which products to promote The best strategies to follow Supportive & encouraging forum -- No question is too "dumb"!
Penny Pick Finders is a better kind of penny stock resource. At our core, we are a financial and investor relations' resource. We offer more in-depth newsletter information to small-cap and penny stock traders, specifically in the OTCBB and Pink Sheet markets. Our goal is to provide both our members with a sound knowledgebase of the OTC Markets, and timely alerts of unknown stock plays, with massive growth potential. We strive to bring our members the breakout securities in the small-cap and micro-cap sectors of investing, before the rest of the market catches on. In addition, we also provide emerging small cap companies with investor relations services. We offer a host of corporate visibility services designed to create awareness campaigns with potential investors and customers. We have a broad range of experience in the industry and are confident in the results we can bring. If you don't believe us sign up and try for FREE.